Riya Biocare INC.- is our new, aspiring and growth oriented venture enterprising in ISO certified Pharma Company and business ia as Per Franchise/PCD module with WHO-GMP manufacturing facilities.

Recently in the year 2015, we has ventured in one major enterprise as RIYA BIOCARE INC, A PCD company based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Our Product Mix includes the most demanding molecule in the industry,We have more than 100 Products and our Product mix comprises of Beta-Lactum Tablets, Capsules, PPI, NSAIDS, Neutraceuticals and Injectables.

Riyabiocare Inc is managed by Qualified Experienced Personnels with Good Service to the customers as Motto.



Mission is not just to growth but to do something with passion. “Deal with Demand” is what we believe. Our Mission is to explore the demands and cater the services to fulfill the demands.


Positive vision leads to positive efforts, positive efforts to positive actions, positive actions to positive results. We envisage that there is a huge PCD (Propaganda cum Distribution).


“Future is not far away it is in our hands.” Only we make our future after turning past into glorious present. We have ambitious plans to grow together with help of PCD support.


Product is what the real thing you perceived of hard efforts

We manufacture our products as per the guidelines of WHO-GMP certification and ISO-9000 implications. Our products are passing through stringent regulatory processes before release for marketing. We have already product available in Tablets, Soft Gelatin Caps ,Hard Gelatin Caps , Dry Syrup , Suspension ,Powder, Ointment, Cream, Lotion, Eye and Ear Drops, Protein Powder, Injectables, Shampoos & Sachets belonging to different therapeutic segments. At present we have got more than 750 products to cater to the current and future demand of the market. We assure the best services at all times. We also cater bulk orders to be supplied to Government hospitals or big private hospitals.


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PCD Marketing means Perceiving, Complying and Delivering the goods.

Propaganda Cum Distribution is a great way to reach to the customers. For us PCD means “POWERFUL CHAIN THAT DRIVES THE SALES HOME”. We know the power of PCD business and efforts put in by the persons in the market.. The triad of “S” i.e. Support, Service & Sales is very important in carrying out PCD functions. Our support to you and your service to market will definitely lead us to generate sufficient sales that will make our mutual efforts viable.


We are looking for PROPAGANDA CUM DISTRIBUTORS in all over important places of India. Financially sound, well experienced in pharma sales can contact. We offer you the best price for long term business association.

Advantages of being PCD association with Riya Biocare INC.
  1. Excise free products.
  2. Wide range of Brands
  3. Order execution on same day of receiving
  4. Professional management by experienced people.
  5. Economical &/or commercially viable pricing strategy
  6. Company provide extraordinary marketing promotional support
  7. The company is ISO certified and productions are in GMP certified units.
  8. A wide range of drugs in various pharmaceutical segments with a wide therapeutic coverage
  9. Introduction of new molecule very frequently to help associates to grow faster and deeper in market

We have a transparent policy. Our rates are same everywhere, they do not change from customer to customer unless and until there is specific requirement for impulsive sales.


Good promotion leads to good exposure, good exposure leads to good business.

We provide all the required promotional tools to the PCD parties associated with us. We also offer price-off scheme and quantity-off scheme on certain products for a certain time period.

We provide you –
  • MR Bag
  • Posters
  • Samples
  • Visual aid.
  • Gift Articles
  • Order Books
  • Visiting Cards
  • Product glossary.
  • Area Manager Bags
  • Brand Reminder Cards
  • Detailed product information literatures for new products.
  • Advertisement in IDR, Drug Update, MIMS, CIMS, Drug Today and others

Exposure generates interest, interest generates inquiry, inquiry generates business.


We have created a very flexible , economical and commercial beneficial terms and conditions. To serve you better – your enquiry is important to us, please enter your detail for the quick response. We will contact you immediately.

   Hardik Borad : +91 9925738694